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Sweet And Rosy™ Washer Wet Sand Blasting Kit
Sweet And Rosy™ Washer Wet Sand Blasting Kit
Sweet And Rosy™ Washer Wet Sand Blasting Kit
Sweet And Rosy™ Washer Wet Sand Blasting Kit

Washer Wet Sand Blasting Kit

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Washer Wet Sand Blasting Kit Durable and Effective!

Washer Wet Sand Blasting Kit! It is a handheld sandblaster that will allow you to remove rust, scale, and corrosion even in tight spaces. Place the suction arm into a bucket or bag loaded with fine sand, black steel jade, or silicon carbide, and simply attach the head to your power washer then watch as it makes your old grimy & rusty surfaces good as new.

FIT FOR: Sandblasting tube, gravel for the emery. Fit for Karcher.

FUNCTION: Perfect for Watering Your Garden, Lawn, Grass, and Flower Beds. It's also Great for Washing Your Car, Dogs, Pets, cleaning.


  • Heavy Duty Commercial Pressure Washer Sand Blast Kit, 4000 PSI
  • ¼’’ Male Plug Inlet to Connect to Your Pressure Washer Wand
  • 18ft Sand Suction Tube for Easy Sand Application
  • Great for Removing Rust or Paint from Metal, Concrete
  • Made of durable material,anti-corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Anti-corrosion and wear resistance, stable characteristics, high reliability.
  • Multi-functional, all-round, fast, ready to use.Lightweight, easy to carry and use.
  • Water Spray Type: Water Column
  • Interface Material: Alloy
  • Body Material: Alloy
  • Nozzle Material: Alloy
  • Water Pipes Length: <5m
  • Material Type: Plastic and Alloy
  • Special Features: Sand Blasting
  • Nozzle material: Ceramic
  • Nozzle part number: CW123

What you get:
1 x Washer Wet Sand Blasting Kit

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